Olivia Brooks || Age: 21 || FC: Lauren Conrad || OPEN

“Can you believe it?” “Did you hear…?” “It happened..again!” Back in high school not only was she running the rumor mill, the rumor mill was about her. And today, she is one of the most controversial members of the family because she is so public with her life. Life as Brooks was everything she ever dreamed, it was practically like being an a-list movie star, but with out all the negative. Sure people talked about her, but she didn’t mind. It was their talking that kept her on top. Regardless of her infamous reputation to be like her mother, she was close to flawless. Perfect grades, perfect family, perfect life, so it seemed. 

Having the money to buy the town wasn’t enough for her. She needed that rush of adrenaline that came with shopping. Her and her friends were known for looking perfect, partying constantly and shoplifting. Though she had been caught numerous times, not a dent was in her record. Most likely because daddy’s money payed it off. But thats just how easy it was being daddy’s little girl. Since nobody can ever prove it happened, everything is denied, from day one.

Secret: Shoplifts, with her friends, for fun and doesn’t get in trouble for it.

Notes for the Player:

-Like her mom, she is very manipulative

-The “it” girl so to speak

-Likes being talked about

Kyle Brooks || Age: 22 || FC: Zac Efron || OPEN

Back in high school, Kyle used to be the “it-boy”. He was the boy who made the girls swoon and made the guys jealous. He grew up close to Patrick, a funny but average sort of guy, just passing by in the every day. Maybe it was their contrast that made them so close, but the boys were never seen without one another. Kyle was your typical douche, player, whatever you want to call it. Named class flirt in the year book for three straight years, he claimed his only love was basketball. He planned on going to school for it, playing as an adult. He was good too. Full ride to Duke University, that is until the incident occurred.

Patrick came over one day after hunting out of the city with his dad, one thing led to another and there was suddenly a bullet through Kyle’s foot. Ever since then Kyle hasn’t been able to play the same, nor has he spoken to Patrick. He claims that Patrick took away his life, not he wants revenge.

Secret: Planning to kill Patrick.

Notes for the Player:

-still bitter; holds a grudge. 

-hasn’t out grown his douche-bag days

-never went to college because of the injury

Brent Brooks || Age: 24 || FC: Hunter Parrish || OPEN

Brent is the oldest out of the Brooks children. With age comes responsibility too. Since his parents were never around, he played as the head of the household. Often times he is mistaken for older than he is because of his maturity, most people would think this is a good thing, but he feels he was robbed of his childhood. He’s taken it out on his parents, but the apple never falls far from the tree, recently he’s been gaining a temper and dabbling in politics, which he swore he would never do. Not only that but he’s had many drunk nights and many sloppy hook-ups that he can’t even begin to count. 

He has become more and more distant form his family and when they try to talk to him about it he lashes out. Nobody really knows what went off inside of him the last two years, but nobody pays close enough attention to even care.

Secret: He thinks he got a girl pregnant one night, but he doesn’t know her name and vaguely remembers her face. He wants to use daddys money to take care of her before it’s too late.

Notes to player:

-Searching for mystery girl

-Gets angry easily

-Doesn’t hate his family; only when they try to talk to him about his behavior 

Reagan Brooks || Age: 19 || FC: Miley Cyrus || OPEN

Reagan was one of the lucky ones, they would’ve said back at the orphanage. When she was 5, Mr. Brooks decided to take in three little kids as an ‘image’ thing. Nonetheless, she was now part of one of the most powerful families around. She was never old enough to realize her good fortune and she often pitied herself for not knowing her birth parents. She acted up and was always that ‘one kid’ that adults dreaded. As she got older she found herself involved in the wrong crowd. From her early teenage years she was sneaking out to do drugs and get drunk. She was always seen with some new boy and she created a reputation for herself. She doesn’t mind the negative attention, it’s given to her regardless. 

Secret: Cocaine(√) Booze (√) Out of Control (√) She has gotten so far in, she can’t get out.

Notes for the Player:

Anonymous wondered: Miley and Demi fc's!

We will be sure to include them on our list of to dos!





Welcome to Georgetown, located right in the central hub of America, Washington, D.C. Filled with prep after prep, prep school after prep school, shop after shop, and family after family. In such a large area, you’d think it’d surprising if you run into the same face again, well you thought wrong. Meet the Brooks: your typical, rich Georgetown family, from the outside. They run the city, with the snap of their fingers they have their way. With Mr. Brooks running now as the Vice-Presidential candidate, his whole family needs to watch their back, because everyone in this town is dying to expose him. But, everyone has their secrets, don’t they?

Taylor Harold || Age: 17 || FC: Taylor Lautner || OPEN

Taylor grew up with only a mom, who cared for him and loved him. He knew her past and wasn’t ashamed, he would do anything for her, even go through endless torment from people in the town. He was a special case, not something every prep school saw on a daily basis, and the people in town knew. He was pushed to the side and because of that he typically kept to himself. He studied hard to get scholarships to the prestigious prep schools around the area, and devoted himself to after school activities and becoming a well-rounded kid. He is shy and sweet and never has done anything wrong in his life, like most of the other kids around. 

Taylor’s mother at a young age warned him to stay away from the Brook’s family. He wasn’t allowed to socialize with them, even at school. He remembers vividly the teachers having to move him across the classroom to a different desk in second grade because he was sitting next to Bella Brooks. Maybe that was what sparked his somewhat rebellious side. He began to wonder more and more about the Brooks, not know they were related. He started talking to them, Bella in particular. He still doesn’t understand why he was banned from talking to them, but he sure as hell is trying to keep it from his mother.

Secret: He recently developed a small crush on Bella Brooks

Notes for the Player:

1 year ago • October/15/2012

Kaylin Harold || Age: 40 || FC: Jennifer Lopez || OPEN

Kaylin was adopted as a young child and never really felt welcome as kid in a predominately white neighborhood. She would act out as a teenager and never really found her path until college. She became really successful in college and got a coveted  internship in the white house. He life was looking up, until the ‘incident’ happened. She got involved with an older man and was soon stripped of her internship and basically, her future. She missed the man’s name who took her opportunity from her, but she swore revenge. She had to pay for his baby and he never knew she existed, nor did he know about his child. She became an erotic dancer to pay the bills and try to give her son, Taylor, the best life she could. When he was eight, she looked for a job again in politics and she got one, as a clerk int he capitol building.  When the election came around she soon became torn, she saw the man she swore revenge on. But giving up this secret would not only ruin his life, she would lose everything to.

Secret: Gave birth to Carter Brooks’ son and he doesn’t know.

Notes for player: 

Clarissa Brooks || Age: 45 || FC: Jennifer Anniston || OPEN

Where to even begin. Clarissa grew-up in a well-off middle class family. She had nice things, but Carter’s life was like a movie to her. When they first met she was 19, and still in college. Carter soon took her under his wing and she was dragged into politics. Her life took a twist and soon she had anything she ever wanted. She went from sweet and wholesome to a manipulating bitch. She craves the spotlight now, even though word about her is mostly negative. She never really was a mother figure to her kids and she doesn’t plan to change for the election. Though, she does try to manipulate her kids to get information out of them.

Secret: Before meeting Carter, she prostituted herself to pay her college loans off. 

Note for the player:

Carter Brooks || Age: 55 || FC: Leonardo DiCaprio || OPEN

The ever (in)famous Carter Brooks, now seen in the public as their soon-to-be Vice President. He spent his life building his prestigious reputation. He met Clarissa when he was well endowed in politics, and his career took off even more.It looks like he has it all, he has more money than the city itself, his family looks picture perfect, and he can get what he wants, when he wants it. Behind closed curtains, he is known for his temper, which can get quite out of control. Even the slightest mishap can set him off. He hasn’t a real family, it has been ages since they sat down for even dinner together, but he doesn’t see a problem in it. Without him out and about, his family wouldn’t be where they are now. Ever since the election though, he has been trying to show them off as the all-American family, doing his best to uncover secrets before the press does, just so he can hide them again.

Secret: Early in his marriage, he cheated on Clarissa with a white house intern, but he never learned her name

Notes for the player: