Kaylin Harold || Age: 40 || FC: Jennifer Lopez || OPEN

Kaylin was adopted as a young child and never really felt welcome as kid in a predominately white neighborhood. She would act out as a teenager and never really found her path until college. She became really successful in college and got a coveted  internship in the white house. He life was looking up, until the ‘incident’ happened. She got involved with an older man and was soon stripped of her internship and basically, her future. She missed the man’s name who took her opportunity from her, but she swore revenge. She had to pay for his baby and he never knew she existed, nor did he know about his child. She became an erotic dancer to pay the bills and try to give her son, Taylor, the best life she could. When he was eight, she looked for a job again in politics and she got one, as a clerk int he capitol building.  When the election came around she soon became torn, she saw the man she swore revenge on. But giving up this secret would not only ruin his life, she would lose everything to.

Secret: Gave birth to Carter Brooks’ son and he doesn’t know.

Notes for player: 

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